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How Does TelcoTwo2.0 Call Accounting Help You?
Simple: We built TelcoTwo2.0 Call Accounting to make it easy for you and your customers to manage phone use and infrastructure.

What Is TelcoTwo2.0?

TelcoTwo2.0 Call Accounting is an Internet application and business tool, designed to benefit the reseller and the customer in ways that old fashioned stand alone call accounting software just cannot do.

TelcoTwo2.0 Call Accounting is designed to generate profit for the reseller in all aspects of your service. Least Cost Routing, equipment provision, and elevating the customer's perception of your company through unique "your brand" options.

Software as a Service, a complete WEB 2.0 application
Recurring profitable monthly income
High performance Low cost
A fully managed alternative to stand alone call accounting software
View call accounting reports via any web browser
International coverage and support
Online Call Accounting help and training
Low cost Call Accounting Data Buffers
Alternatively use our SOFTWARE for ASTERISK and all traditional PBX.

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